Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Mill Systems COVID-19 Update


During these difficult and unprecedented times, we feel it is important to be transparent not only with our team internally but also with our customers. Below we have outlined the steps we have put in place to ensure our staff and customers remain safe.

Due to the constantly changing nature of this virus, and therefore the guidelines. We at Mill Systems have decided to set up and allow all employees to work from home. This is until such a time where the virus is under control and people start feeling safe and comfortable to return to the office. Thankfully due to our continuity planning we had most of the infrastructure already in place. We will, of course, continue to stay up to date in line with the Government’s guidelines.


Information for Customers


As our software is key for many hospitals to keep working efficiently throughout these unprecedented times, we have a duty to continue to offering support if any issues or errors arise. We are available on the normal business number (01773 824400) within our normal business hours (8am-6pm) Our office is now accessible for staff members. We have devised a sophisticated system where only two people are permitted in the office at once. This ensures that they have access to separate kitchen and bathroom facilities.

If, and when, things change. We will be sure to keep you updated.


For the latest information and advise about COVID-19, please follow the below link: