The MillCare Software Package is made up of the following components that all link together seamlessly to enable clinics to easily collect the data that is required for the general day to day running of a clinic.

It will then use this data to provide the necessary reports that are statutory and/or expected from local commissioners.

The core product from Mill Systems, featuring Episodes, Diaries, Prescriptions, Texting, Diagnosing and Much More

Fully PC/Mobile/Tablet optimised Online Registration, Appointment Management and Results.

Touchscreen Kiosks which allow’s Patients to book into walk in clinics and mark themselves as arrived

Clinics are able to replace paper with electronic forms – reducing storage and increasing efficiency, especially where there are multiple clinic locations.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea results screens allow quick and easy notifications, reporting and manual or automatic recalls.

A fully audited prescription module is available within MillCare.

Data Dashboards enable dynamic, interactive, graphing and drill down functionality for a large number of datasets within MillCare.

MillCare can produce all statutory reports for the HPA, PHE and DoH in minutes, including HARS, GUMCAD and SRHAD.

Fully integrated inbound and outbound texting for appointment reminders, cancellations and results.

It is possible for Results to be transmitted from the Pathology labs direct to the MillCare software.

The ability to run the MillCare application in the cloud whilst still remaining in the N3 Network.