Mill Systems have a dedicated data management software package created specifically for the requirements of the Chlamydia Screening programme, utilising their core experience in Sexual Health systems.

MillCare Chlamydia Product Specification – Provided as Standard:

  • Collection of all Core Data items
  • Optional collection of all Enhanced Data Items
  • Notification of results by Mail Merge Letters
  • Records of notification of results
  • Records of treatment of Positive patients
  • Records of Partners
  • Test and Treatment records of Partners
  • Records of notification of Partners
  • Diary appointments
  • Extract of quarterly returns on Opportunistic tests
    • The extracts are collated in csv files or flat text files as required
    • The extract includes all the core data and any enhanced data collected
    • The extracted file is ‘complete’ for transmission to the HPA with no further handling or manipulation
  • Extract of data on Management of Positives and Partners (to the current HPA formatted requirements)
  • Ad hoc reporting using Business Objects
  • Training
  • Manuals
  • Telephone Support

MillCare Chlamydia Product Specification – Provided as Optional:

  • Integrated text messaging allowing notification of results in batches
  • Integrated QAS postcode look up for update of patient addresses
  • Automated reading of scanned screening forms
    • This creates a patient record from the scanned request form and collects all the patient level core data items
  • Automated laboratory links:
    • These can be set to do the following:
      a) Update previously entered (or scanned) patient records with results
      b) Create patient records, including their results, for required further manual (or scanned) data entry
      c) Fully create patient core data records, including results, where the laboratory has been tasked with entering and re-transmitting ALL core data items from screening form.

With all the above lablink result options, the system automatically creates result notification lists based on both unequivocal positive and negative results, also where re-testing may be required.