The Document Control module allows any computer document or image file to be stored within the MillCare database as “MillCare data”. This is an efficient way of holding information in a secure and compressed state.

  • Documents can be scanned and saved against the patient or against a specific episode of care
  • Computer Files (documents, images, video clips) can be imported and held in the patient record
  • Allows letters and notes to be available on any MillCare client at both local and remote sites
  • All Windows files can be stored in MillCare and can be opened by authorised users on any MillCare PC, as long as the relevant software is installed ( e.g. to open a Word document, MS Word needs to be installed)

Batch Import

An extension of document control allows the import of batches of documents.

We offer:

  • Tailored software routines to allow the import of large batches of scanned documents in to the MillCare database. Typically this work is carried out by Mill Systems staff
  • A user friendly “Wizard” that allows small batches of documents to be uploaded to MillCare, by local staff
  • Individual documents can be scanned directly in to MillCare, using a suitable scanner connected to a MillCare client PC


The benefits to you are:

  • You can free up space by getting rid of paper notes
  • Letters and notes are always available on the system, not lost in an in-tray
  • No need to transfer notes between split sites
  • Fully audited

Please click here to view our PDF brochure for Document Storage (This will open in a new window).