Outbound SMS messaging

Outbound SMS text messaging is fully integrated into MillCare. Single ad hoc messages can be sent to a selected patient, or batches of messages can be generated.

Messages can be generated from:

  • The diary, as:
    • Appointment reminders
    • Requests for patients to phone in following a DNA
    • Clinic cancellation messages.
  • Recall screens
  • Entered diagnoses codes
  • Negative Results – automatically or manually

Generation includes number validation and consent checking.

Acknowledgements from the SMS provider are filed and a full audit is maintained.

Inbound SMS messaging

With Inbound messaging Patients can now:

  • Automatically book appointments
  • Receive appointment reminders on request
  • Cancel upcoming appointments
  • Request call backs

Management Features include

  • A browser to view all Inbound Text Messages
  • Full audit trails for all Inbound Text Messages
  • Ability to manually reply to individuals or groups
  • Patient matching for existing patients
  • Ability to configure unlimited message codes and rules


SMS Messaging can offer a number of efficiencies:

  • Reminder messages can reduce DNAs and promote better usage of clinic resource, with less waste
  • Messages can be sent to all patients in a diary in a single step
  • Time and resource savings can be made, freeing up staff
  • Phone calls and bills are reduced
  • Patients can request appointments, reminders or cancellations 24/7
  • Texting of negative results can help the clinic offer a better service and reduce the time that Health Advisors spend on the phone

Please click here to view our PDF brochure for SMS Messaging (This will open in a new window).