It is possible for Results to be transmitted from the Pathology labs direct to the MillCare software. Links are typically unidirectional with the results being sent from the lab as soon as they are available.

The link from the Laboratory to the Clinic is important for the following reasons:


With the link in place, the results will be automatically received at the clinic and loaded in to the system. They can be filtered to highlight those patients which require attention and divert the negative results for processing and filing. This should help staff to handle more patients.

Accuracy of Data

Typically, the diagnosis codes are manually applied to patients. In this scenario, there is a likelihood that some of the codes on which finances depend may be missed. The software will use rules to apply the codes, removing the possibility of human error and should therefore pay for itself with the additional revenue generated. The system will allow the easy auditing of tests sent to the laboratory so that it will now be easy to pinpoint tests that have not been resulted.


The link will allow all relevant patient results to be held in the MillCare system. This provides easy access for relevant clinicians, without the need to access the paper records. This will allow the clinic to move towards EPR by first becoming ‘paper-lite’ before fully moving to paperless.

Redirecting Focus

It is possible to extend this functionality by using the integrated SMS texting module to proactively notify patients of negative results, and if desired, to recall patient with positive results for treatment. This would free up staff time and dramatically reduce the number of incoming phone calls. It will allow clinicians to focus efforts on those patients that need them.


The system is able to offer the following potential benefits to the Laboratory:

Laboratory Request Forms

The software can be configured to produce the laboratory request forms automatically. These forms will be printed when the sample is registered and can eliminate errors caused by illegible script.

Barcode Labels

Sample labels can be produced and attached to samples and request forms. This allows laboratories to scan in certain information such as date of birth or GU numbers. This both speeds registration and reduces the potential for errors.