MillCare (formerly TeleCare) is a Windows based, flexible information system developed to meet the business, administrative and clinical requirements of today’s NHS and other clinics. It is targeted at Sexual Health and has tailored support for Genitourinary Medicine, HIV, Family Planning, Chlamydia Screening and Vasectomy clinics.

It has been designed to meet the requirements of NHS and government data sets in the day to day administration of patient care and production of statistical analyses. Many centrally required report structures are built in to the software, and other requirements are met using configurable data extraction routines.

The administrative features of the MillCare database system include secure data storage and retrieval, clinic management, appointment booking, waiting time analyses, management of patient files and correspondence, and the generation of audit trail information with respect to edited records.

Included are additional features that facilitate the management of an Episode of Care. The recording of events, diagnoses, recall, tests, treatments and prescriptions, together with the storage and cataloguing of images and graphs, allows the system to be as useful as a clinical tool as it is for administration.

Password protected access, individualised menu structures and user defined privilege access levels provide a secure solution for confidential information storage.

Local configuration of screens, menus and appointment diaries allows the software to be constantly tailored by site to achieve the most efficient implementation of the system.