Statutory Reporting

Mill Systems is committed to providing customers with the tools to provide all statutory reports to the HPA and DoH, both now and in the future.

MillCare currently provides:

  • GUMCAD (KC60 replacement) and GUMCAD2
  • GUMAMM (48 hour wait)
  • Payment by Results (which was KH09 attendance report and is now really subsumed within GUMCAD and SRHAD)
  • SRHAD (was KT31)
  • HARS
  • The CDC stage report is also extracted
  • The London Sexual Health Programme Tariff extract is also supported

AD Hoc Reporting

Tools are provided to allow users to construct ad hoc and management reports.

The system supports:

  • Schedulable and configurable data extracts to CSV
  • Third party reporting tools connecting via ODBC
  • Embedded reports within the application