Streamlining Check-In

The self check-in system allows patients  to register their arrival at their convenience. The check-in kiosk minimises queues by accelerating and simplifying the process.

MillCare Self Registration is the initial step toward automating patient arrivals within a Sexual Health clinic reception. The kiosk replaces the transcription process that occurs within the reception area with a touch screen application that gathers the relevant arrival information.

Compared to other technologies such as electronic medical records, patient kiosks are relatively easy to implement – they require only a small investment and can be deployed selectively to the departments that are likely to benefit from their use. Kiosks can be freestanding (like those at the airport), wall-mounted (like bank ATMs), placed on a countertop, or they can be mobile (like a tablet PC).

The experiences of leading hospitals have shown that kiosks can increase patient satisfaction by reducing waiting times and offering greater convenience and privacy. Many organisations also achieve significant operational benefits, including increased patient throughput and improved accuracy of demographic data in patient records.