Software Support

Mill Systems has an office based helpdesk team, staffed with experts in application deployment and use. Our aim is to handle any problems in a timely and efficient manner.

System Integration

We have considerable experience in systems integration. MillCare has been linked to PAS systems, Laboratory results feeds, Web services and other devices.

Data Migration

We have a wealth of experience in extracting data from legacy systems, home grown software and even spreadsheets. This data is then mapped and loaded in to MillCare to enable easy access and to ensure that no critical data is lost

Data Extraction

MillCare is constantly being improved to allow customers to extract data from the system for reporting and data warehousing. We supply inbuilt, configurable, schedulable data extraction routines and allow SQL access via ODBC

Bespoke Product Development

Our development team have years of experience and are available to assist with any bespoke developments that may be required. Please contact us to discuss any special requirements that you may have.

Project Management

Our years of deploying MillCare mean that we have a team of project managers with experience of dealing with administration, clinical and IT staff. Their aim is to make your project run smoothly no matter what its size.